Moving House

Self Storage solves many of the pain points associated with house moves

Pack away your troubles when moving house with Self Storage

In terms of life stresses, Moving House is right up there with bereavement, marital break-up and financial worries.
Move-out dates often don’t coincide with move-in dates so you find yourself in a nightmare limbo with the weight of the contents of your home literally on your shoulders.

Self Storage offers a practical solution to make sure your house move runs like clockwork. With the flexibility that Self Storage affords, you can extend the length of stay, change your storage moving in or moving out dates and also increase or decrease the size of your storage unit if you decide to add or remove items at a later stage. 

With your belongings safe and sound in Self Storage, you can take your time to pack and unpack at your own pace.

There are lots of uncertainties when moving home, but Self Storage facilities provide a clean safe and dry solution for your belongings during this time.

Upsizing or Downsizing?

Whether you’re graduating from your starter home or moving into something more manageable,  a Self Storage unit can be home to your belongings until you have time to sort through them at your leisure. Bring essentials and items of sentimental value with you, and store everything else. Once you are settled into your new home, you can take stock of what you really want to keep.

Can you afford the stress moving house?

"Thanks a million for the services, none of the furniture was damp or anything. Will be recommending you to anyone needing storage and will use again if we ever need it."
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