Flexible Self Storage solutions that match your changing needs and business models

Safe secure commercial solutions without long tie-in commercial leases and business rates 

Stock levels fluctuate throughout the year in anticipation of peak times or in the build up to sales. Dedicated warehouses can be too costly which is why our units are ideal to store excess or seasonal stock. The real benefit is you only pay for storage when you need it.

Online Retailers

While the benefits of having an online business include not having to worry about high street rents, commercial leases and rates, a possible downside is not having storage space for your stock. Let our Self Storage units solve that problem for you.

Why store stock and pallets safely with us?

  • No room in existing premises to store stock 
  • Outgrown current stock space  
  • Insufficient space during peak periods to accommodate seasonal / fluctuating stock levels
  • Business with multiple sites need centralised and easy access to group stock
Boxes kept on shelves in the warehouse

Keep your stock secure in our facility, with safety locks on each storage unit and 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Shelving options available if required.

How about warehousing your stock at a fraction of the cost?

"Excellent facility, easy access 24/7, secure, professional service."
Danny Monaghan
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